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Internet KeyboardHow do I get a website / domain name?

R.J.M. & Associates will work with you to find an available domain
      name that most represents your business and we will purchase and
      maintain all records of this domain for you. We register all domains
      with Network Solutions. We use Network Solutions to assure the
      utmost in security and professionalism.

Who decides what graphics and colors to use on the website?

   This is strictly up to the client. We will assist in this endeavor and
     if the client wants, we will take care of the entire process.

As the client, what do I have to provide R.J.M. & Associates for the website?

We will meet with you to determine the content of your website. After
     these meetings you will be responsible to supply us with the appropriate text
     needed for the website, logo artwork, photos and any other art work necessary for completion of the website. We do have the
     capability of providing you with digital photography as well as logo design by graphic artists we utilize. We would be pleased to quote
     you for these services as well.

How long will it take to complete my website?
  •     Depending on the content and requirements of the website, work can be completed in a couple of weeks and up to several weeks for a complex website. As part of our quote, we will quote you exact production times. As we build your website, we will publish it on a hidden website that we maintain, so you may watch our progress and also provide input as we progress. Once completed, you will be required to view this "hidden" website and approve it. Only after your approval will the website be published to your domain name.
What are your payment terms?
  •     Our normal payment terms are 50% down payment to start the website and the balance due upon completion of the website. Our terms are Net 10 days. For larger, more complex websites, that tend to be more expensive we can work with you to setup a payment plan over a period of one year. I am sorry, but we do not accept credit card payments.
May I contact the principals of your client's websites?
  •     Absolutely! As a matter of fact we insist on it. We recommend that you contact the persons listed in that website's contact page as they are usually the persons we worked with to develop their website. A majority of our work is generated from referrals of existing clients. We also have numerous testimonials on file that may be viewed at any time.
After the website is completed, how long will it be before my website appears on the search engines?
  •     Once the website is completed, we will use the latest state of the art software and methods to load your website. Depending on the search engine, indexing can take from two days to several weeks. We submit your website approximately every 45 days on a continuous basis. We do however advise all of our clients that there are absolutely "no guarantees" in respect to indexing and positioning on a search engine! If anyone "guarantees you "Top Ten" positions on all search engines, grab your wallet and run away as fast as possible. The search engines make absolutely no guarantees, unless you are paying that search engine for positioning and those types of search engines are a minority of the engines and can become very expensive!
What if I want to add to the website later?
  •     As our client, we consider ourselves a member of your team! In the quote we provide you our costs for work to be performed after the website is published and running on the Internet. Also, this type of work takes precedence over new websites being developed.
After the website is completed, will we be able to contact you?
  •     This is the most often asked question from prospective clients. Once you become a client of R.J.M. & Associates, you will have our business and home phone numbers as we are available to you 24/7! Yes, even if we are on vacation. Remember, we are here for "YOU - THE CUSTOMER!"