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Client Testimonials

  •     "Thanks, this is truly the BEST SERVICE EVER! Love It, Love It, Rod - You're The Man!"
         T. Ford - President
         The Fencing Pro
  •     "Rod - I have served California Association of Polygraph Examiners (CAPE) as an elected officer in various positions since 1996. I was on
       the Board of Directors when "this web thing" came to our attention in 1998. Our first experiences (plural) with web masters lacked:
       "punctuality, quality and cooperation." You on the other hand, are self-motivated. You continue to display a great deal of enthusiasm
       toward your work. Your professionalism is greatly appreciated."
       B. Heard - Secretary
       California Association Polygraph Examiners
  •    "One of the producers of the show I'm doing told me he looked at my site and thought it was beautiful - "very classy" he said. I told him
        you are the best!"
        Terri Homberg-Olsen - Actress
  •     "I am sick and tired of your prompt and cheerful service. Can't you be more like most web masters, slow, inaccurate and incompetent?
        This constant state of cheerful, accurate and prompt cooperation is driving me nutz. Keep it up."
        Michael B. Lynch, MPA
  •     I can not express the gratitude that I feel for the excellent web presentation that you prepared for Western FLS Consulting. Your
        imaginative design and professional presentation are all that I could ask for. Thank you!
        Larry Asmus
        President, Western FLS Consulting
  •     "Awesome! Great Job - Good Presentation and Superior Customer Service! Keep it up!
         J. DuPuis - President
         California Background Investigators Association
  •     "Good afternoon, the Board of Directors met today and everyone loves the website and things you are doing a great job."
        D. Caldwell - President
        California Association of Law Enforcement Background Investigators
  •     "I just thought that I would pass on some comments about our website. Quite a few people have looked at it in the 1+ days that it has
       been up and running and everyone says it looks great! Clean, professional, well laid out and easy to navigate. Even a web designer at
       Cal State Long Beach complimented on how "clean" and well done the site was....."
       Thanks, Roland
        RnT Properties
  •     "You're THE MAN! Thanks for making it happen when we need it to happen! Nice to know you are always there when we need you!"
        I. Horvath - President
        I-Source Technical Services
  •     "We've been getting so many reservations made through the website not to mention all the compliments on our new website. It simply
        amazes us! Thanks for the GREAT support."
        Rebecca - Banquet Coordinator
        Antonello's Ristaurante
  •     I am very pleased with how quickly you are getting the whole thing up and like what I see - I am already getting positive
        (very positive) feedback about the site. GREAT Customer Service"
        S. Smith - President
        Systems for Public Safety
  •     "It looks terrific! ~ No surprise, I knew it would be great! =) I love the blue fade in you did, that makes the colors tie together great!
         I am a happy camper."

         C- Vaughn - President
         Synergy Healing Group